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From my first solo project as a musician, grew Ghost Guest, a folk punk band with feeling. What started as late night scribbled lyrics, grew into traveling around with my friends, and playing music with incredible musicians from all over the country.

As a band, it became a collaborative exploration of self, humanity, connectivity and home.

With a DIY mentality, we self-recorded most of our releases, toured all over the country and supported other artists in our community through commissioning and collaborating on unique merchandise. We supported our local recording studios and booked many shows in the community for local and touring bands alike.  

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by Ghost Guest

Our self-titled album is a testament to growth; to strength and weakness, to breaking ourselves down to the grit in our bones, this is a story of survival. Over the 4 years since these songs were written, we've been traveling and learning so much about ourselves, other people, and the world we live in. The troubled times are affecting all of us, but we come together to create a reflection of those emotions in order to help ourselves survive, and in the hopes that we can give others our solidarity and they will be able to relate through it all with us. Our struggles are different, but they do intersect – and to keep going, we must intertwine ourselves, we must come together.

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